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TAJ CF Gives Holiday Treats to Ado-Ekiti Children

The Tokunbo Ajila Jakande Children Foundation (TAJ CF) has hosted children from all nooks and crannies of Ado Ekiti to a movie premier at the foundation’s house theater on Friday 13th August, 2021.

The children were entertained with an educative movie and other side attractions.

“This gesture is part of the Foundation’s holiday package meant to enhance the socialisation of disadvantaged and indigent children in the society. 80% of the children in attendance were children of the disadvantaged, mixed with 20% from the elite families. The purpose of bringing the two group together was to encourage the disadvantaged children and make them fully part of the society.

“The Foundation believes the interaction among the children will enhance their self confidence and boost their capacity to manifest their potentials. The children interacted, ate and drank together without differences,” the statement from the foundation reads.

The Founder of TAJ CF, Ms. Tokunbo Ajila Jakande, expressed joy seeing the children interacting in respective of background. She promised to ensure the programme continues throughout the holiday period.

Most children while answering questions after the show, said they had never been to a movie theatre but heard from their parents that once upon a time, ado ekiti had *”Eki Cinema”* and are very happy that there is a cinema in their city.

“They were very happy to be part of the programme, happy to make new friends and learn new things.

TAJ movie house will be opened free of charge every Friday till September 3rd, 2021, ” the statement concluded.



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