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Governance: Women’s Involvement In Politics Germaine – Hon. Kyautu

By Ayo Ajayi, Abuja

The national women leader of African Democratic Congress (ADC), Hon. Kyautu Yakubu at the North central women meeting held at the global campus and the world headquarters of the party has expressed her disappointment about the low level of women participations in politics in Nigeria.

While delivering her speech at the meeting, Hon. Kyautu said, Nigeria has few women in politics and leadership positions, thereby reducing the level of their involvement and contributions to the development of the nation. She encouraged women to take the bull by the horn and vie for any political office of their choice that the party is ready to give them all the supports that they need.

She said, ” Nigeria democracy does not encourage women participation, the men believe that the activities of the women should be in the kitchen and the other room. The saying that the position of leadership is not given but taken calls for women to stand up and take up the mantle of leadership as the African Democratic Congress has provided an avenue and platform for participation of 35 percent women and Youths in the party structure”.

National Chairman of (ADC), Chief Ralphs Okey Nwosu, while addressing the women at the meeting said, as a result of many crisis emanating from insecurity in the country,women are exposed to different kind of problems ranging from lost of husband which makes them single mothers, consequent upon which their children are taken away by bandit on daily basis. Hence the need for the women to mobilize themselves and come together so as to have a say in the government to fight for their rights.

He said that, women should come out with their strategic compass to mobilize ten million women from each geo political zone to vote for any ADC candidate to sack incompetent government which is responsible for the killing of their children and their husbands.

He appreciated the women for their doggedness and perseverance, urging them not to give up their quest to stabilize the country.



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