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Osun: We don’t dwell in the past|Ismail Omipidan

Yes, we don’t dwell in the past. We have moved on. Yes, it is an open secret that Osun is one of the 36 states that are owing some debts, the figure of which could be verified from the Debt Management Office.

However, what is certain is that the Governor, Mr. Adegboyega Oyetola, in the last three years has prov­ed that with the right man at the helm of affairs, with the right leader, who has the right attitude and who is knowledgeable about cre­ative financing, it is possible to run a state like Osun in a depressed economy without inflicting additional pains on the residents and citizens.

My principal has control over his expenditures; he’s been able to block leakages; he is extremely prudent with the little resources at his disposal and he sets his priorities right. He does not spend frivolously.

He is transparently prudent. That is why we are able to build roads, renovate and equip hospitals, revive moribund industries, pay salaries and pensions and feed 30, 000 vulnerable Nigerians in the state and lots more without borrowing.

Plus, our diversification Programme is on course. Very soon, we shall be announcing a major breakthrough in the Mining Sector. Osun shall rise again!

Mr. Oyetola’s focus is on the ball. He won’t be distracted no matter the level of provocation. He has proved this repeatedly.



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