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If there is any program of the Oyetola’s administration that is a pro-masses one and well-accepted by the Osun common man, it is surely the Osun Food Support Scheme. Through it, the govt has reached more vulnerable citizens than any govt in Osun history.

The success, wide acceptability as well as the political goodwill the program attracts has become a source of great worry for many political opponents of the governor. An initiative they thought will fizzle out after one or two outings has not only come to stay but has become the darling of Osun people.

Now, reports say that people in opposition party who are currently facing political extinction but who wants to do everything to survive are now planning their own version of the food support scheme. This is a family that announced that they would distribute thousands of bags of rice to all Osun people during Covid-19 only to share few hundreds to members of their faction alone.

This Sakamanje Food Scheme, being supervised by the elder sister of the former gubernatorial candidate in the PDP was said to be housed in a location with some dubious characters like,One hundred and one(101) Albinos and same number of Virgins performing some fetish activities on the food to be shared to unsuspecting Osun people. Haaaaa, kolohun maje kia si ounje jẹ oooo.

It is even nauseating to think that a man coming to govern a state of intellectuals like Osun has no direct or tangible manifestos or set of programs only to be latching and copying from that of others. Such a person should never be taken serious.

Osun people should be wary of any dubious food support scheme and only stick to the one being shared by the Oyetola’s government as it is not only done transparently, openly but also more reliable. Such one with evil intention which is hurriedly organised once in a year with the sole aim of gaining a political cheap points should be outrightly ignored by our people.

Osun People are not TIFUNLORAN…

My name is David Olufunsho Fagbohungbe Gfod ,
Director General,
De Conscience online media.


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