President Buhari speaks on what his government is doing to help Small and Medium Scale enterprises (video)

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President Buhari is currently in South Africa for the Intra-Africa Trade Fair currently taking place in South Africa.


The President was accosted by a reporter with AriseTV and was asked what his government is doing to help Small and Medium Scale Enterprises.


Responding, the President said

”What we are doing firstly is to build infrastructure. I was constrained to go public several times that people should check with the Central Bank and the NNPC between 1999 and 2014. Nigerian was producing 2.1 million barrels per day at an average cost of  100 American dollars per barrel.

When we came, the militants were unleashed on us, production went down to half a million barrels a day. The cost of petroleum went down to 37 dollars from 100 and you know the condition in the North East, the condition in the South South, then you can appreciate within time and resources availabe how well our administration has been doing. ”


Watch a clip from the interview below..




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